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❶Can you spot the following in the gallery below?

What was life like in the Victorian era?

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When was the Victorian era?

Queen Victoria herself was fascinated by the process of photography. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in Bicycles became popular in the s, and in a…. Take a minute to check out all the enhancements! Choose a language from the menu above to view a computer-translated version of this page. Text within images is not translated, some features may not work properly after translation, and the translation may not accurately convey the intended meaning.

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End of an Era Locked. The same safe and trusted content for explorers of all ages. Explore a Victorian workhouse , and learn about the people who would have lived and worked there. Visit the Victoria and Albert Museum in London to see clothes that upper class Victorians would have worn.

Take a tour of the Charles Dickens museum , which is in a house where he used to live! What it was like for children working in textile factories? Find out what children in a workhouse would eat. Find out what workhouses were like for children. What it was like to work in coal mines? Discover what Victorian schools were like. More about Victorian schools. Learn about health and medicine in Victorian times.

Access thousands of brilliant resources to help your child be the best they can be. What was life like in the Victorian era? The inventions of machines in factories replaced jobs that people used to do, but people were needed to look after the machines and keep the factories clean.

Factories were built in cities, so people ended up moving to the cities to get jobs. Half the population in Britain lived in cities by the end of the Victorian era. Cities became crowded, busy and dirty, but discoveries about hygiene and sanitation meant that diseases like cholera were easier to prevent.

People in the Victorian era started to use electricity for the first time , and to listen to music by playing records on the gramophone. Steam trains made travel a lot easier, and rich people started to go on holidays to the seaside in places like Blackpool and Brighton. There was a big difference between rich and poor in Victorian times.

Rich people could afford lots of treats like holidays, fancy clothes, and even telephones when they were invented. Poor people — even children — had to work hard in factories, mines or workhouses. By the end of the Victorian era, all children could go to school for free. The way we celebrate Christmas was begun in Victorian times — they sent the first Christmas cards and made Christmas crackers. Charles Dickens was a famous Victorian author who wrote A Christmas Carol , and other books about what life was like.

Things we do at Christmas today began in Victorian times! They were even the first to send Christmas cards. At the start of the Victorian era in , most people would have used candles and oil or gas lamps to light their homes and streets. By the end of the Victorian era in , electricity was available and rich people could get it in their homes. Poor people could work in mines, in mills and factories, or in workhouses.

They would have to crawl in small spaces in mines, or underneath machines in textile mills. It was very dangerous! They could afford to buy the new inventions coming out like the telephone, the gramophone for playing music and electric light bulbs.

Victorian children loved it when their mum and dad let them see a magic lantern show. This was a slideshow of pictures that told a story — the machine that showed the pictures was called a magic lantern.

Almost all families in Victorian times — except for the very poor ones — would pay people to be servants who would do their household chores for them. This included cooking, cleaning, washing and even serving dinner. Women who were servants were called maids, and men were called footmen. The head servant would be a man called a butler. All men wore hats in Victorian times rich men wore top hats, poor men wore caps.

When a man wanted to say hello to a lady, it was good manners to tip the brim of their hat down, then push their hat back onto their head. Try doing that for a day in your home! Children were not allowed to shout, complain, interrupt or disagree with anyone. They had to do as they were told, and be cheerful and quiet all the time. Can you spot the following in the gallery below? Jobs that people had in Victorian times included usual ones like lawyers, doctors, teachers and vicars, but there were these too: See the difference in the sorts of clothes worn by women in Tudor and Victorian times.

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The Victorians lived over one hundred and fifty years ago during the reign of Queen Victoria ( to ). What does Victorian times mean? Victorian .

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When was the Victorian era? The time when Queen Victoria reigned is called the Victorian was queen from to , and a lot of things happened in Britain during that time.. During the 64 years that Queen Victoria was on the throne, Britain was also going through the Industrial Revolution.

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Primary Homework Help. Living in the Victorian era help exciting because of all the new inventions, and steam trains and steam ships making travel a lot faster clothes easier. Homework Help. Glossaries: maths, English, science Homework Gnome: History; Access thousands of brilliant resources to help your child be the best they can be. Life in the Victorian era. What was life like in the Victorian era?

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